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What to Know Before You Register


Masking - Our class sizes are intentionally small with less than 10 students permitted at a time. Masks are not required at this time, yet welcomed. Please mask as you feel comfortable and respect others' autonomy to do the same.


To make our services more financially accessible we have three payment options for classes. The naming and principles of these options comes from our friends at The Embody Lab ( and their expert leadership in creating equitable learning spaces.

Rebalancing – For those with the financial resources and recognize the impact sharing their abundance can have on those undervalued in the wellness world.   This is not a donation; it is a redistribution of privilege.

Fair – For those with enough financial resources who understand the value of our offerings and desire to support others.

Supported – For those with financial barriers who require support while exploring our offerings.

After paying, you must click "Complete Booking" in order to pay for the class. You will then receive a confirmation of payment only.  

*You are only able to pay online via PayPal, credit/debit or Apple Pay. If you would like to use cash to register for a class, email

*If any of these options create a financial hardship for you and you would like to discuss other options for payment, please email


  1. Click “Yoga” in header

  2. Read “What to know” section

  3. Click either “Class Description” or “Class Calendar”

  4. Find class date that suits you

  5. Click “Book Now,” then “Next”

  6. Fill out details or Log In

  7. Choose a plan

  8. Sign up or Log In to purchase, click “Buy Now”

  9. Fill out information for Payment and follow prompts

  10. You will see “Thanks for your order” message that confirms ONLY purchase of payment plan

  11. Click “Complete Your Booking”

  12. Once returned to “Fill out details” screen click:

    1. “Book Now” (above “book now” your payment will be listed under “Payment Details”)

  13. You will see “Great, You’re Booked” and “confirmation email sent” along with the class you registered for and an option to “Add to Google Calendar”


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