What to Know Before You Register


Masking - We take our lead from our most impacted patrons and will continue to require masks in classes until they have informed us they feel comfortable being unmasked.  If you are uncomfortable wearing a mask during class, email to request notification of unmasked classes.


To make our services more financially accessible we have three payment options for classes. The naming and principles of these options comes from our friends at The Embody Lab ( and their expert leadership in creating equitable learning spaces.

Rebalancing – For those with the financial resources and recognize the impact sharing their abundance can have on those undervalued in the wellness world.   This is not a donation; it is a redistribution of privilege.

Fair – For those with enough financial resources who understand the value of our offerings and desire to support others.

Supported – For those with financial barriers who require support while exploring our offerings.

After paying, you must click "Complete Booking" in order to register for class. Contact us if you do not receive a confirmation of registration.

*You are only able to pay online via PayPal.  If you would like to use another form of payment (cash, credit card, etc) to register for a class, email

*If any of these options create a financial hardship for you and you would like to discuss other options for payment, please email